Dosage Guide

Aesthetics Medicine Dosage Guide

Men and women seeking safe and effective anti-aging treatments turn to Balance Hormone Center for help. Our non-surgical injections are highly effective without the invasiveness and pain of surgery or the frustration of fad products.

Our doctors meet with every patient to identify their anti-aging concerns, create realistic goals and develop customized treatment plans.

Aesthetics Dosage Guide

Drug manufacturers offer a wealth of information regarding the safe and optimally effective length of treatments using their products. Understanding the appropriate length and frequency of your aesthetics treatment is vital to your health and the success of your treatment plan.

BOTOX® 3-4 months
Dysport® 4 months
JUVÉDERM® XC 9-12 months
JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA XC Up to 24 months
RADIESSE® 12 months
Restylane® 6 months
Restylane® Lyft 9-12 months
XEOMIN® 4-5 months

The length of your treatment may vary, but should not exceed manufacturer guidelines. Our experts work with you to develop a customized treatment plan to help you restore the look and feel of your skin.

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At Balance Hormone Center, we are here to help you understand your aesthetics treatment options. After learning about your specific concerns and needs, we can create a customized treatment plan that offers the maximum benefits with the least risk of side effects. Call 405-928-4229 or contact our Norman office online to schedule your initial appointment today.